pumping up the art's market


Long-lasting action: > tools in action

still crawling Polish art market should be able to stand up by now – ET BER buys XY’s pictures – transaction’s celebration took part in traditional inn.

Rules of the game:


1.Black suit

1.Humiliating of the seller

1.Complaining that the picture is too large and too expensive

1.Lowering the object’s value during the negotiations up to … embarrassment

1.Negotiated ( under pressure and threat of closing the talks ) free delivery by the artist


1.Declaration of payback in 2 or 3 months = T-shirts exchange – ET BER in Tshirt “artist” XY in Tshirt “investor”

Success on the art market – money is changing hands!

XY art studio

Ul. Cybulskiego 35

September 2008

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