children's day at STAR & BANANA


People get very nervous from fright when they have to enter, sometimes alone, the art gallery. And I am not just talking about Magnolia or Grunwaldzka Gallery. STAR & BANANA again takes art and pictures outside .

Always it is us who are active - we propose, invite, entertain. Let us turn the tables on you - we will have Children's Day at STAR & BANANA - for June 1st we see this scenario: we will recline in the easy chairs and with pleasure accept your praises, exclamations and rapture.

We will show you a painting and you can have it if your positive commentary is to our liking.

So - it is a competition for the most original, honest and most of all, positive response to our creativity.

The best commentary wins the picture.

We are waiting for your compliments 1st of June (Children's Day) between 4 and 6 PM by the Przejscie Swidnickie.

This action proposes to familiarize inhabitants of Wroclaw with the visual arts. STAR & BANANA is the artistic cooperative started by XY and ET BER.

When: 1st of June 2008

Where: ul. Świdnicka, Wrocław

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