STAR & BANANA shows instruction how to eat old banana


STAR & BANANA shows "instruction how to eat old banana" (in Polish STAR & BANANA means old banana)

at the group show KINKIET (LAMP SHADE)

During the opening there will be GROUP TRAINING OF BANANA INSTRUCTORS


1. Kinkiet (lamp shade) doesn't means anything - it means full freedom - fun- departure from seriously treating art as a profession.

2. INSTRUCTION HOW TO EAT A BANANA - that's jointly painted pictures, signs, texts - for example:

- banana or cactus - poor girls

- departure on the banana

- how to love a banana: step 1, step2, step 3

Instructions are created on 7m long strips of paper which are suspended in a row from ceiling to the floor

3.GROUP TRAINING OF BANANA INSTRUCTORS - consists of physical exercises involving muscles of hands and jaw - it takes 7.5 minutes in any place and the payment is zero Euro

17th of March 2008

place: Browar Mieszczański

group exibition Kinkiet (Lamp Shade)

adress: Ul. Hubska 44, Wrocław

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