it is sweet to do art for living


May the 1st, 2007

Swidnicka St. Wrocław

STAR & BANANA Group covered with chocolate marches down in the "1st of May March" march trough the main street of our city

As in the communist 1st of May marches times - STAR & BANANA's march is propaganda - we sell the promises of easy life - all you have to do is to be an artist

At the 1st of May March - as always the happiest professional groups turn up with the best representation

We are very happy with our profession

The job of an artist is the greatest thing you could do in the world

Our motto is - "it is sweet to do art for living"

Artist's life is easy:

- artists sleep until noon

- they do nothing

- they wander around in black cloaks (or generally wear artistic clothes)

- they drink and people are happy to buy drinks for them

- they paint two lines in couple of minutes

- they get money for nothing

We stop people on the streets and encourage them to raise their kids to become artists - easy, carefree, pleasant life is guaranteed.. Artists are also known to help their old parents - another benefit

"our life is sweet" - we are just back from Bahama - look at our beautiful tan, tomorrow we fly to Bali. Even our skin gives off the flavor of our carefree life - please lick me!

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