sure money + 15 minutes of fame


Sure Money + every hour 15 minutes of fame

On display – witnesses of Star and Banana’s history. Items (among others) to be won at 6:15 PM :

Blood, sweat and tears of Star and Banana

Batted Eyelashes – which charm convinced the director to exhibit us in Zacheta

Dice – which were thrown to decided who is Star and who Banana

Pandora’s Box – Star and Banana’s cover

One and only clean brush left at Star and Banana

Camera which helped to falsify Star and Banana’s history

Varnish used to cover brown stains on Banana

Ink used to sign Star and Banana’s antitrust

A testicle of Star and Banana plus free eye

XY presents sequence of disappearing money: “100%”

Car to drive, painting to look at!

For 3 year old money is like picture – scribbles , candy wrappers

“100%” – pictures are painted with disappearing paint – they won’t be an monetary investment but investment in self- just like a holiday outing is an investment in self- impression will stay with a person for always – this kind of picture has vanishing value- available only here and now in 100%.

ET BER Series of pictures about money. This problem was easy to solve as I didn’t have to search long – every time I looked in to my little polka dot purse I found : one euro, 100 forints, eight and a half zlotych and one jen ( could be a photocopy) – for good luck..Picture LUCKY POO – if you step in the dog poo it is considered good luck, bird poops on you (last year in Prague it must have been an eagle – crap the size of cow’s excrement straight on top of my head) – all for luck. I felt all warm and tender when I have seen a photo from Japan - ASAHI building with a great golden turd artfully lit on the roof . This picture is a quintessential relation of all my adventures with shit – if I stepped in, am stepping in and will step into it and if it will fall, is falling and fell on me many times – at least it creates a nice association.

Sunday 21st of June From morning till night

Tarczynska Street Festival MIRONALIA 2009 Warszawa

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