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"We live in a therapy culture."

Therapy has become fashionable.

For the first time in history, people (except religions) are daring to "set up" life.

We dig deeply into examining our values, goals, and needs.

We learn from what we are made of, what maps we have, and what we want to have. We can literally sculpt our lives as we like, but not without great effort and even greater hope.

The first step is to be aware of how this mechanism works: the human brain.

There is already knowledge on this subject.

Chaotically, we search for a "miracle diet" for the soul. From time to time, a new revelation appears, a new guru, a new charismatic therapist. They give us a magic new concept, the recipe to achieve happiness... "if you only do this and that" You are told you will feel real satisfaction with work and in relationships, and you will feel good with yourself. The search for broadly understood happiness reflects my method of painting the latest series: "I am just ready to be me." (quoted from Lauren Hill).

When I attach a colorful fabric to a loom, there is leftover fabric that I cut off. These cuttings have created full sacks of colorful stripes that I have been collecting for years. I have always known that one day I will paint a new series on them. The day is now. Therefore, the colorful stripes of material, endings from all previous paintings, are a visual sign of recycling, not only the material from which the images are composed, but also from being in a continuous cycle of self-renewal. This series is a visual sign of the struggle of someone who wants to develop and grow constantly.

The medium is painting, but the story behind those paintings speaks of years of wandering and scanning reality in order to find help and answers to the question: how do I live a satisfying life?

Here I quote the most frequently asked question: How long does it take to paint a picture? Well, every picture is my lifetime project. There would be no paintings like mine if there was not my entire life before it- my everyday experiences, the inspiring meetings, and the missed opportunities. Tony Robbins says there are 6 basic needs every human being has: Need of security, variety, being in a relationship, being noticed, growing and giving. Your personal order - which one is the most important for you - determines your life. This series is a visual manifestation of what is important to me.

I thank the Rector of the Academy Prof. Piotr Kielan and Director Andrzej Kosendiak NFM and sponsors of the exhibition SOROPTIMIST International 1 club in Wroclaw

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