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Paintings will disappear

Disappearing money 100% Car for driving, painting for looking at! were painted with the paint which after some time will become invisible. It can be interpreted as a peculiar embodiment of a vanitas motif in modern iconography, they all represent the graphic travesty of paper money. However, more importantly, it is included in the pictures criticism of making the art a so call product which creates the association with the conceptualism movement. While the conceptualism strategy assumes the reduction of the material value of art it limits the market speculations. Anka Mierzejewskas opposition to marketing of art creates the authentic experience of visual layers. The temporary characters of DISAPPEARING PAINTINGS makes them more valuable in the priceless moment of their viewing. And it is not all about aesthetic sampling but about value of a personal acceptance of art.


Presented in Wozownia, the works of Anka Mierzejewska create a multilevel story about tension between art and the art market. Buyers are seeking constant determinants which will help to establish the value of their investments. They use in this context various categories of pricing, created during centuries of evolution of European art traditions. The category of genius demands a high value of even weak work of a wellknown artist. The longevity of the expressionistic paradigm creates a dependence of value and spiritual involvement for its creator. It also constrains beauty and inclines the search in art for the harmony of form and assumptions of physiognomy which are visible in expectations in portraiture.

by Maria Niemyjska

Wozownia Gallery/ Torun

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